Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Day 4

Well I'd love to fill you in with tales of Arabian adventures, sandstorms and narrow misses with armed Bedouin but I'm afraid all I've seen so far is the hotel, the bank and some very large and obstructive roads. I had a quick wander around yesterday and ended up in Applebees, a TGI Fridays type establishment, for dinner. Even though everything's being paid for at the hotel I just had to get out and try something else. In the words of Gordon Ramsey it was fucking dreadful. I went for the 3 shrimp combo - king prawns cooked in 3 different styles. Apparently those styles were greasy, very greasy and fried. Still, at least the waiters didn't need to wear any flare.

Work is dragging - a combination of the early starts, long days and not much for me to do yet. I'm no closer to what their definition of an IT Operations Manager is yet but perhaps in spite of their urgency with my appointment joining just as a major project was going live was not the best idea.

The hotel is already starting to bug me. It's just the little things really. I don't want a newspaper delivered every morning because I won't read it so it's a waste. I don't need a bread basket at breakfast because I'll go for the brown bread from the buffet. Drinks are seriously expensive - one small beer is about £10 - so I'm learning to make them last. I suppose that's a good life skill to have! Plus it's fairly impersonal, as large hotels tend to be.

What I am pleased about is the free internet access. And Skype seems to work here - will give this a go soon as the girlfriend is Skyped-up. I've decided I'm not all that keen on the word 'fiance', I still prefer girlfriend. It just seems like an unnecessary recategorisation of a perfectly acceptable noun, in order to attribute potential change of status. Like joining the Ferrari owners club just because you've ordered the F350 catalogue. But maybe I'm just grumpy because I'm missing my fiance.

Anyway, off to dinner with a few workmates - should be a good one - let's paint the town red! (But be back in bed by 10....)


The Groke said...

Chin up Will, it'll take some time to adapt.

Moker said...

I like the work fiancĂ©. It’s the best out of the three: Girlfriend (what am I, six?), Fiance (good), wife (what am I, sixty?). Fiance says to me, young, cool, happy and a good relationship. Girlfriend could mean a myriad of things, good to bad, and wife just reminds me of “the wife” jokes and Andy Capp. Obviously, the reality isn’t that, but enjoy saying Fiance whilst you can. It’s a small window!

With regards to the hotel and lack of affordable booze and any porn – I’d use the facilities. Spend your nights in the gym and the Jacuzzi. You’ll come back for the wedding a tanned, muscle bound love machine. It’s a win-win situation. Or you might come back, drink till you puke all over yourself, surround by wank mags. Either’s good.

The Groke said...

Haha, good suggestions there Jamie. Will, your parents are reading this blog, yeah?

Will said...

Jamie, try and use your outside voice.

Moker said...

You mean "Try to use your indoor voice". Man alive, if you're going to quote people and pretend it's your own material... get it right!