Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nearly there

I’m panicking. I have 48 hours left in the country and I haven’t started packing. I haven’t gone through piles of junk to at least clear some of the crap in my flat before I leave. I still haven’t bought tiles or a radiator for the bathroom even though Dariusz the Polish builder is starting work tomorrow morning to transform the bombsite I’ve been bathing in for the last few months into a fully functioning, possibly even rent-enabling, bathroom. Who’s going to be hanging around for him I have no idea – to be discussed with fiancé and family I think.


I’m apprehensive about flying on Friday 13th, because I’m a bit silly, but there you go. Couple of gin and tonics should sort that out. I need to figure out which are my essentials for the next few weeks of hotel living, as the baggage allowance is a mere 20kg. I even have to fly economy. Oh the indignity. Still Qatar Airways are supposed to be quite plush, but we’ll see. At least the hotel looks nice.


Monday night was great – had some leaving drinks with a wide selection of friends at the lovely George in Borough. And there was a good turnout, especially considering it was Monday night, which I’m reliably informed is not supposed to be a going out night. Whatever.


I’ve been sent an itinerary for my first couple of days in Doha by the bank I’ll be working for. They’ve conveniently arranged a half-day tour of the city for Saturday afternoon which I’m so not up for, but I don’t want to appear ungrateful and saying no is not what I’m about these days. That’s right, I’m a yes man (go read the book it’s better).


I’ve also got to cancel BT, Tiscali (useless fuckers), let the council know I’m moving, speak to the water people, urgghhhh. The list just goes on and on. I could really do with another week or so just to sort everything out, but never mind.

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