Sunday, 12 April 2009


They say it doesn't rain much in Qatar but the view from my shiny new 3rd floor apartment is torrential rain and lightning. It's really lashing it down. I'm glad I parked the car outside as it definitely needed a clean, and seemed to come with no rear wiper. So I've finally moved into Al Seal, and it's lovely. I've got a 1 bed flat, but it's about double the size of my one in England and has a gorgeous kitchen, although I haven't figured out how to work the hob - so my massive supermarket shop at Carrefour was wasted. Tomorrow I'll tell you what the view out the window is like. It should be good, although most of West Bay is a building site.

I don't have the energy to unpack tonight, that'll have to wait until tomorrow. The previous occupant left some wine so I'm having a very pleasant glass of Chablis before retiring for the night. There's zero sign that it's Easter here - but not being religious I can't say I'm bothered. Though Happy Easter to everyone that's reading this. I hope to settle down here soon and get Skype up and running again soon. To be honest I just haven't got the time for a lot of things but life should calm down a bit now, both work wise and personally.

Anyway, phew, long day. Night night.

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Anonymous said...

The downpour made it onto BBC News this morning...