Saturday, 23 May 2009

Round up

I’m writing this from the resident’s pool. The sun’s gone behind the tower and it’s only a balmy 39 degrees. There are a total of 2 other people at the pool (excluding Jenny) so to say it’s exceedingly pleasant is an understatement. Almost universally this seems to ring true for everything out here. Last night I went for a birthday meal at Chingara – an Indian restaurant in the Ramada Hotel. There were 11 of us, Indian and English (and Irish I suppose), the food and drinks were plentiful and delicious, there was a live band playing traditional Indian music and I even got an unexpected pressie – a beautiful bejewelled marble clock. I’m sure not everything here is as easy or enjoyable as the last couple of months have proved, but I’ll soak it up while I can.


It’s great having Jenny here, it’s true when they say happiness is better shared. I’ve decided that everyone visiting will get the VIP treatment once at the airport – this is provided by Al Maha Guest Services, who wait for you when you get off the plane and then go and sort out the visa while you relax in their lounge with a drink, before whisking you past the lengthy immigration queues. Jenny was quite impressed. Possibly not as impressed as by the Four Seasons brunch in the morning. Four hours of frankly excessive over-consumption, laced with wine and cocktails. Followed by more cocktails and wine until way after the sun went down. I think I’m in danger of spoiling her.


Work’s still busy, but still enjoyable. I think I’m likely to pass my probation, they seem to think what I’m doing is good, so I’m glad about that. We’ve had the last couple of weekends off which I’m even happier about. Some downtime is finally allowing me to catch up with a few things, such as wedding plans with Jenny, and phone calls that I’ve been meaning to make for a while. They might have to wait a little longer though as we’re off out soon for shisha with the helpdesk and ops guys. It’s a tough life.



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