Sunday, 28 June 2009

Ok blog time

Right, I haven't updated in a while due to manicness of travelling and work but don't fret, I'm still alive and well. Only 2 weeks to the wedding now and I think just about everything is organised, at least that's what Jenny tells me and since I wholeheartedly trust her I'll go with that. My trip back home was busy to say the least, but I got a chance to check out the venue, which is lovely, so it should be a great day. All I really need to do now is figure out what I'm supposed to say in my speech. I don't want to ramble on for too long as we've got 2 best man speeches to go through, but it seems like I have to thank the world and his dog, as well as be funny and charming at the same time. Hmmm. Don't hold your breathes guys.

I'm flying back to the UK on Friday - but with no Jenny to meet me at the airport :( She's busy sunning herself in the South of France but I don't begrudge her as she's been great organising everyone so deserves a rest. I'm hoping the flight home will be less bumpy than the last one or else I might be a bag of nerves by the time I land. I'm also hoping that this time I don't lose my wallet - with all my cards, resident permit and driving licenses in it. Actually I can't - because I haven't got replacements for everything yet. I've been to the police station twice already and need to go again in the morning as they need all sorts of documentation, and that's without getting to the driving license part.

I think visiting home has made me a bit homesick. It was so nice to see England at it's best - in the summer sunshine. And catching up with friends only served to show what's missing out here, as nice as the people I've met are they're still no substitute for friends who've known you for years. I'm sure I'll feel a lot better when Jenny comes out - I just hope we get on as well out here as we did back home. Oh well, pub quiz tomorrow - that should be a laugh - hopefully we'll do better than last month's atrocious 15th place or whatever it was.

I'm officially an employee now as I've passed my probation so it'll be good to now really get into things and push things in the right direction. If only I wasn't so distracted by homesickness and wedding preparations. I think people have noticed I've not been going out as much, but when I get back next month I'll get back into the social swing of things.

No other great news to report...Other than I bought a Pure internet radio - wholeheartedly recommended - and I'm getting strangely drawn to provincial English county radio. It's a damn sight better than the one English language radio station out here - that is in French for half the day! Oh, and my salary is dropping rapidly due to the strong pound (or weak dollar). Pah. Still considerably more than I'd get in the UK though, and anyway, money wasn't the only reason for coming out here.

Things I need to bring back from England next trip - sharp cooking knife (can't find a decent knife any where - want to get another Victorinox one), Molton Brown manly stuff, DVD player (we've got two so no point buying another) and a pair of trousers for my Hugo Boss suit that I ruined (although unlikely the shop will have it since it was last year's).

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